Southsea Castle Lighthouse, Southsea, Portsmouth

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This is the lighthouse of my childhood.  As a small child I spent many happy hours on Southsea Beach, Portsmouth, we only lived a couple of minutes away, and most of my young memories include the beach in some form or another.  It has changed a lot, many of the old attractions are no longer there, but the castle remains and so does the lighthouse.  We paid a visit when we were attending my Fathers wedding, at the start of August 2017, we had a little spare time the evening before, so it was off to see the lighthouse for my collection of lighthouses.  I must admit that I didn’t know anything about the lighthouse, only that it was there.

The Castle was first began in 1544, but the lighthouse wasn’t built until 1828 into the top of the western rampart of the castle, marking the east side of the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour.  It still serves as an aid to navigation guiding ships through the deep water channel into Portsmouth Harbour and is 34 feet high.  When the lighthouse was first added to the castle, the Lighthouse Keeper and his family were housed in the castle, but later moved to accommodation outside of the castle.


A little history on the bandstand – The bandstand was constructed in 1998, by a local blacksmith.



11 Replies to “Southsea Castle Lighthouse, Southsea, Portsmouth”

  1. Sounds like you had a marvelous playground as a child. Sometimes I miss the things that are gone, but then, there are so many wonderful new things. Love the fox weathervane on top of the lighthouse. 🙂

    1. Yes it was a marvellous playground, I guess I was a beach baby 🙂 Yes I miss somethings, but then there is so much more now, marvellous things that you could only have dreamt about……although I am disappointed that I never made a moon trip lol 🙂

  2. Loved being able to take a peek into your younger years,while I was raised not far from the ocean the views are so different!! Lovely lighthouse,also like the bandstand.

    1. Yes Southsea is a Victoria seaside resort, but so much fun for a small child in those days. I would love the bandstand for my garden to grow roses up 🙂 I wonder if they would miss it 🙂

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