Old Hunstanton Lighthouse, Norfolk

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This Trinity Lighthouse stopped being operational in 1921, but luckily it still perches on the cliffs at Old Hunstanton on the North Norfolk Coast, and is now rented out as holiday lets.  The present lighthouse was built in 1840 although there has been a lighthouse on the site since 1665.  The first lighthouse was built of wood with an iron basket of burning coals as a light, but burnt down in 1777.

A second tower to replace it, was built in 1778, a second wooden lighthouse with oil lamps, and was one of the first lighthouses to use oil.  Trinity House bought it in 1837, and rebuilt it as the current tower in 1840-1844. It was deactivated in 1921 and sold, the lantern house then being removed and an additional storey being added in its place.

The above postcard is dated about 1903 with the lantern still in place.

You can see from this photo that I found, how close the lighthouse is to the cliff edge.  

My photos have been taken at all different dates during 2017, as we often go to Hunstanton for fish and chips, and I can never pass the lighthouse without taking a shot 🙂

10 Replies to “Old Hunstanton Lighthouse, Norfolk”

    1. Pat, I have passed this lighthouse so many times, but never realised how close it was to the cliffs until I saw the photo…..Its been renovated and is now rented out as weekly holidays lets, It use to be a home, but was sold….they can make lots of money this way, people seem to like to stay in lighthouses 🙂

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