Today 15.09.17, we arrived in Albi in the South of France, and I have managed to download a couple of photos.  This is the view of the cathedral from the window where we are staying and of course it was straight there to have a look and I have downloaded one interior photo so you have an idea of what we saw.  Tomorrow all the public buildings in France are free of charge which we didn’t know about, so as we have a whole day in Albi, we are going to be very busy, much to husbands amusement 🙂  More to follow when we get home.

18 Replies to “The Glory of Albi, South of France”

    1. Thank you Marcus we are having a great time, visiting lots of lovely churches, The weather has been lovely, although we did have a little rain today…….much like everyone else 🙂

    1. Have filled one card and on to the next one, I do have a third if needs be 🙂 So much to photograph, nearly taken 3,000, had a lovely day visiting lots of places that are normally closed. I will have to do some posting when I get home 🙂

    1. Its just so amazing, have you visited, I did think of you when I first saw them. And yes we have had some lovely food, too lovely, will have to diet once we are home 🙂

      1. I thought you might have as its a Unesco site, I took loads of photos, we visited 3 times, I had never seen anything on such a grand scale, wonderful. I will post when we get home 🙂

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