The Dancing Trees of Killerton House, Devon

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Storting through some photos, I came across some that I had taken at Killerton House in Devon, March 2016……where does the time go.  We were visiting the house, and I noticed there was a chapel in the grounds, so of course we went off to explore.  It took a long time to find the chapel, only because I had to photograph nearly every tree that I came across…….I think they are amazing, they seem to be frozen in time, dancing to an ancient ritual.  There are many ancient trees around the garden and park, including gnarled old sweet chestnuts that were planted around 250 years ago……I think they are best dancers 🙂

17 Replies to “The Dancing Trees of Killerton House, Devon”

  1. Oh look, there’s one doing the twist 🙂 Have you seen the ‘dancing trees of Kaliningrad, those trees are awesome dancers. Love looking at trees, they are always fascinating.

    1. That is exactly what I first thought: Ents.

      Although strong winds might be the reason for having twisted them (esp.the last one), they look like mysterious creatures from a fairytale. I love those pictures.

  2. I love these old trees, the third photo reminds me of a story book that I read the the youngins .. That spooky old tree by Stan and Jan Berenstain. 😄

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