Around the outskirts of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, is great for bike riding.  Apart from the really good bike routes, the terrain is mostly flat.  We try and take the caravan to Ferry Meadows Caravan Park each April and have at least one twenty mile bike trip…..which in truth only happens once a year and this year it didn’t happen.  Although we did take the bikes all the way to Scotland this year, to ride on some of the Islands, but it rained so much, it just never happened, they didn’t come of the bike rack.  So while sorting through the endless amount of photos, I found last April’s bike ride, 2016 and as it was the only one we have managed to achieve in two years……I am going to post it, to remind myself how nice it is to ride a bike.  My husband pulls a cart on the back of his bike for the dogs, as little dogs tire after a few miles, and as we now have four dogs, its better for them to travel in style.  Hopefully the photos will show you a little of the lovely countryside around Peterborough.  We also stopped off at Ferry Meadows and Orton Mere stations to watch the steam train on the Nene Valley Railway.  Finally three little dogs, we had another dog just after our break, back to the van for a well earned drink.


8 Replies to “An April Bike Ride”

  1. Great shots, Lynne! It’s amazing how well those scenery shots look in black and white. Great that you take your fur friends along for the ride. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, amazingly they are quite good and stay put. I’m surprised sometimes at how much nicer they look in black and white…..not sure why, but they do 🙂

  2. Lovely set of images, Lyn. You must be very fit to cycle 20 miles!! I’m envious. And I know exactly what you mean about the weather. There haven’t been that many opportunities this year. But still hoping to get some Autumn colour – that’s if there’s any leaves left on the trees after all this wind and rain.

    1. Thank you, lol I do cycle very slowly, it can take quite a time 🙂 Steve has an electric bike so he can tow the dogs, but mine is all pedal power 🙂 Yes it would be nice to get some Autumn colour, we are going to Nottinghamshire with the caravan this week end, so fingers crossed I might get some 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos enjoyed them all but the one that grabbed my attention was the swan egg,how on earth ,did you manage to get that one without mama seeing you?!

    1. Well the mummy swan got distracted by Steve and I got in close for the shot and then did a quick retreat. Its not often that you can get close enough even with a long lens 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

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