St George, St Andrew’s Church, Holt, Norfolk

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While visiting St Andrew’s Church in Holt, Norfolk, I found this splendid St George stained glass window.  At the bottom of the window you can see a little of the dragon, with a couple of claws, or maybe teeth.

A nice one for my St George Series.

5 Replies to “St George, St Andrew’s Church, Holt, Norfolk”

    1. I was looking back through the old ones and he does have lovely hair, in fact he is quite a nice example compared to some of the others lol. Not a lot of the dragon, but I suppose its just a symbolic gesture, poor old dragon always has a rough deal 😦

      1. You’ve got to consider whether George, despite his angelic looks, is one of these landowners who thinks nothing of hunting poor little animals to extinction so as to improve crop yield for his agribusiness. But I’m a bit of an old cynic …

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