To me the BT Tower will always be the Post Office Tower, mainly because an uncle took myself and my younger brother up in the lift to the top in 1966, just after it opened in October 1965.  This really was quite scary, the lift went from the top to the bottom and then bounced back up two levels and then back down with a thud…….have never felt the same about lifts since.  But I have always thought it was an amazing building, and still is.   There is to me, something very space like about it, like a rocket about to take off. 

I took some photos in 2016 and forgot about them, but while sorting I have just come across them, and thought that I would look a little into the history.  The BT Tower, formerly known as the Post Office Tower, was opened to the public in 1966, despite construction having been completed in July 1964.

The British Telecom Communication Tower in London’s West End was the first purpose-built tower to transmit high frequency radio waves, and it serves as a functional telecommunications centre designed to relay broadcast, Internet and telephone information around the world.

Costing £2 million to construct, the 189m (620ft) cylindrical tall tower is made from 13,000 tonnes of concrete, steel and glass, and at the time of opening was the tallest building in London. It’s shape was designed to reduce wind resistance and gave it stability and style.

12 Replies to “BT Tower, London”

  1. See this from the balcony of a friends’ flat in Marylebone whenever we stay there, and walk past it whenever we walk to Bloomsbury or Shaftesbury Avenue. I too remember it being finished when visiting my aunt and uncle, though they never took me to the top!

    1. My uncle was a teacher in one of the big London Schools and said it was educational, I’m not sure my mother would have let us gone, if she had known how high it was….she didn’t like heights. I love getting glimpses of it from the car window down the side streets, a very iconic building 🙂

  2. That is a unique building! I don’t think I care to go to the top,once our family went up the St. Louis arch, I was so glad when my feet were back on the ground!

  3. It sounds like a scary experience, Lyn. I’m not a lover of heights either. And yes, it does resemble a rocket about to take off. Interesting photos and narrative.

    1. Thank you, I think as I was quite young it was more scary to me than it really was, although on the other hand, my uncle did look surprised when we went back up a couple of flights 🙂

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