Portland Bill Light House, Isle of Portland, Dorset

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This is the last of the three lighthouses at Portland Bill.  Portland Bill Lighthouse is located on the Southerly tip of the Isle of Portland, in Dorset.  It is now the only functioning lighthouse on Portland Bill and the lighthouse and it’s boundary walls are Grade II Listed.  We were in luck the day we visited in August 2017, the sun was shining with beautiful blue skies…. at the moment here, in the Fens in the east of the UK, it’s a little windy, we are getting the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia, unfortunately other parts of the Uk are getting a nasty battering.

You can now climb the tower, but on the day we visited, many other people had the same idea, and there was a waiting list of over an hour, so we just had a walk around the base and took some photos. 

As Portland’s largest and most recent lighthouse, the Trinity House operated Portland Bill Lighthouse is distinctively white and red striped, standing at a height of 41 metres (135 ft). The tower is approximately 114 feet. The lighthouse was completed by 1906 and first shone out on 11 January 1906.  Portland Bill Lighthouse guides passing vessels through these hazardous waters as well as acting as a waymark for ships navigating the English Channel.



9 Replies to “Portland Bill Light House, Isle of Portland, Dorset”

  1. That sky and lighthouse go beautifully together ,beautiful! The parking lot looks very busy for sure.🙂 hope that hurricane doesn’t get to rowdy for y’all.

    1. Yes I think people have started to take an interest in lighthouses now, which is a good thing 🙂 Luckily the hurricane only knocked over some pots in the garden, I think it did a bit more damage in the west of the uk. But they do like to make a noise 🙂

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