There are just some buildings that have an effect on you, I have always liked Wenns Hotel in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.  Not that we ever visited for a drink, in fact until the day that I took these photographs, we had never been over the threshold.  It is the exterior that held the fascination for me, a very Dickensian looking building.  A building of three parts, all that is cream is the Wenns.  

We were in Kings Lynn for the Heritage Weekend in September 2016 and with luck, the building was open, it had been closed for quite a while, so I was in there like a flash.  It was interesting to see the interior, but I still think the outside is far more interesting than the inside.  I am glad we did visit, as I noticed on a trip to Lynn last weekend, the building is now being renovated.  Luckily they can only do so much as it is a grade 2 listed building, so hopefully the outside will remain almost unchanged……I hope.

 A small amount of history……The building was first used as a pub in 1872, when the licensee was Simon Claxton Luckly, who was succeeded by James Wenn in 1877 and Lizzie Wenn in 1889. The pub sign shows a typical East Anglian wherry.  There are tales of the building being haunted “One of the old landladies said the ghost pulled her hair in her sleep”


11 Replies to “Wenns, Kings Lynn, Norfolk”

  1. It is a lovely old building, I hope they fix it up proper. The fireplace looks nice, but I’m not to sure about the lime green walls. 🙂

    1. You are so right the green was awful, I nearly changed them to all black and white, but it was part of the building……I suspect every trace of lime green is now gone 🙂 I been looking some photos and they seem to be tastefully renovating it, I will take some more phones when they have finished 🙂

  2. It was great to see the wenns as I worked there for about a year sometime between 1969/1972,I know I was working there the year if decimalisation came in.
    The couple running it were NaN n Frank can’t remember surnames,I loved it there n I loved Kings Lynn had so many friends,great memories

    1. So glad that the photos brought back some lovely memories. I was lucky to get the photos of how it look at the time, now they have altered it, still looks nice thought 🙂

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