The Town of Rochester, Kent

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Rochester not only has a Norman Castle and Cathedral, there is also a very nice town full of history in it’s cobbles stoned streets, and small alley ways.  Although we have visited the Castle and Cathedral, there is still plenty for us to visit there, mainly because when we lived close by, we really only visited to go around the small independent shops.  There are some Roman and Medieval town walls which are still left standing.  I always enjoy going down the lane to have a quick look at them, it never ceases to amaze me they are still there.

There were flags out the day of our visit, I hasten to add not for us, but I have no idea why, but they did enhance the photos.

The is also an ancient tree, a Catalpa Tree, over a hundred years old, this tree stands outside of a church that we still have to visit.  We had ran out of time, and there are other buildings which are also worth a photo on our next visit, plus all the Charles Dickens connections.

Some of the old alleys are very interesting and I like this one

There are also some interesting houses in the town.

To finish with, the Castle and Cathedral that we have already visited.

12 Replies to “The Town of Rochester, Kent”

  1. I think I need to look up Rochester, so much history! I’m impressed by their catalpa. I didn’t realize they lived so long. I love the fragrance of their flowers in the spring. 🙂

    1. The catalpa is not something that is normally grown here and to think it has lasted that long is quite amazing. We still have lots to look at, and explore about Charles Dickens in the town. I loved the town for Christmas shopping when lived in Kent, they have a Dickensian Christmas Fair, where all the stallholders dress up in up in character and its all very Victorian 🙂

  2. Great pictures – everything looks so clean there – I would love to wander through town. I was surprised when I saw the castle picture because it’s so different from other castles I’ve seen. Kind of plain and so tall!

    1. Thank you, it is rather a splendid castle, next time we visit, I want to have a look inside. I think a lot more of our ruin castles would have looked similar. There are a couple of second hand book shops that I visit and have a lovely time rummaging through 🙂

  3. Love the old wall! Interesting to find a catalpa tree in your corner of the world. Here they are either a nuisance or a fisherman’s treasure,the tree is a source of food for the catalpa Sphinx moth caterpillar. The tree can be loaded with these crawlies so much so that they will strip a tree of leaves,and fish enjoy these crawlies. I can see where England definitely had an influence on the building in the old towns here.

    1. Thats really interesting about the moths and that the trees can be a nuisance, I think this one has been the only one I have ever seen. I love those white board cottages, I like the bigger one in the photos 🙂

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