Lighthouse – Light Vessel No 93, Trinity House, London

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I found another lighthouse related item, a Light Vessel, in others words a floating lighthouse.  I was having a quick peek at my lighthouse book, when I recognised the vessel.  I had a rummage through old photos and there it was, No 93.  The vessel used to be on the Humber but is now in London at Trinity Buoy Wharf at Blackwall, which is where I took my photo in 2016.  No 93 was deactivated in 2003 and sold in 2004.  Although not a land lighthouse, its still a good one for my lighthouse category.

6 Replies to “Lighthouse – Light Vessel No 93, Trinity House, London”

  1. Lol, good thing you wrote about the boat ,at first I was looking for a lighthouse ..couldn’t see it then I decided to read. Like the saying goes “when all else fails read the instructions.😁

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