Every year we try to spend Halloween with our youngest grandson Oscar, in Kent, but unfortunately this year it was not meant to be.  We will see him in a few weeks time to give him his trick a treat bag, and so he will celebrate it twice.  I suddenly remembered that I had not posted last Halloween with him, so its like visiting him all over again, although just a year late.  For 2016, we first visited a car boot sale, his choice, he likes collecting bits and so does his big sister, Kate and really their mother as well, Fleur, well ok, we all like visiting one, when time allows.  But to start with, they had to dress up, Oscar in his new pumpkin teeshirt, but Kate excelled in a wonderful Halloween jumper that she found in a charity shop and I supplied the bone tights.

I did my bit and wore cat ears, but you will not be seeing a photo of them 🙂  We then went off to find a car boot sale, and having found one with the most wonderful stall, which made the visit even more spooky for Oscar.

We then made our way to The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent, for more spooky delights.

Oscar thought the roofs looked like witches hats, so that was a good start.  Then we found Harry Potter shouting out some magical orders.


We spent a couple of hours having a look at spooky things, and then as it was a little cold, we did Oscars next choice, we found some where nice and warm to eat, which finished off a lovely Halloween.

I could not resist taking some other children’s photos, they look so cute, all dressed up.

Happy Halloween 2017


6 Replies to “Oscar’s Spooky Day Out”

      1. Distance does hinder a quick visit,but the most important thing is to make the most of the time. I think y’all did just that. 😀

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