A Post Card From Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany

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I am still sorting photos, and I came across some that I had taken in 2016, of the central square in the beautiful town of Landsberg, they were a little too dark, well a lot really, so I played around with them.  I used a filter and hopefully have saved them.  I could have changed them to black & white, but I love the colours of the houses that stand around the central square.

11 Replies to “A Post Card From Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany”

  1. I agree! They sure do know how to paint a house in Bavaria. And I think those are the most colorful statues I’ve ever seen. I do like seeing good use of color. Thanks, Lynne. 🙂

    1. Its so lovely to see the houses, all painted in beautiful colours, not even in our medieval towns do you find colour like this, so its lovely to see them 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

    1. Thank you Marcus, glad to hear Landsberg is on you list now, there is a lot more to see. Just a shame we didn’t get there this year, but it is a lovely place to visit 🙂 Lynne

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