After our train trip, last year 2016, from Frankfurt to Munich, we stayed over night in Munich, as we had another train to catch in the morning.  We have never stayed the city before, always on the outskirts or in Landsberg a few miles away, and come in by train, which means the place is normally heaving with tourists by the time we have arrived on different visits.  The alarm was set for early, breakfast started at 7am, so we were there on the dot, we had a lovely large breakfast which include bacon and eggs.  You need to fill up, as food is sometimes not an option on the trains.  Infact the train from Frankfurt to Munich, the catering waggon had to be left behind as there was a problem with it, however they did bring some sandwiches around and some coffee in a flask….. which helped a little.  So we learnt to eat a big breakfast, and buy something to eat on the stations, just in case.  We did see lots of locals that had a picnic with them, and they made quite an occasion of it.  After breakfast we made our way around the block from the hotel, I have taken so many photos of the city, and this time I wanted to find something different, somewhere we had missed before.  What was nice, was the lack of bodies, although by the time we had finished our walk, they were begining to emerge.  Time to head to the station for our next train.

My husband paying for a magnet pray wish…….I have it on my desk at work….’Take great pride in everything you do’  cost £2.00, yes he took a £2.00 coin out of my husbands hand, and then husband gave to to me, as he said I needed it it more than him…..I will leave it at that 🙂


8 Replies to “Good Morning Munich, Germany”

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour, there are nicer bits to the city, but I have lots of them to post, this was just a little area around the hotel, its amazing what you can find at short notice 🙂

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