Ceiling Frescoes & Gallery of Costumes In The Pitti Palace, Florence, Italy

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Florence 2016…..Do not be fooled by this austere looking fortress of a building, it houses some of the greatest treasure that Florence has to offer.  The Pitti Palace, which after we had explored the Boboli Gardens, really the backyard of the Palace, included in our ticket price, was entry to the Costume Gallery.  The Palace is extremely large, in fact vast, my husband took one look at me, and shook his head……please no more, I need a coffee, unfortunately the only way to achieving his wish, was to go through the galley to the exit…..sorry.  It was a quick trip through history, but I still managed some photos.  You do really need to spend at least half a day in the Palace, including visiting the gardens, as there is so much to explore.   Regrettably we only have one day in the city, which was quickly coming to an end and we still had much more on our list to see.   

A view of the Boboli Gardens from inside the Palace.

A little history…..This enormous palace is one of Florence’s largest architectural monuments. The original palazzo was built for the Pitti family in 1457, designed by Filippo Brunelleschi and built by his pupil Luca Fancelli. The original construction consisted of only the middle cube of the present building (the middle seven windows on the top floor). In 1549, the property was sold to the Medicis and became the primary residence of the grand ducal family. The palace was then enlarged and altered from 1560, Bartolomeo Ammannati designed and added the grandiose courtyard and two lateral wings.

The Palace from the Gardens.

The Costume Gallery is housed in the small building of the Meridiana of the Pitti Palace, which was begun under Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo in 1776 and ended in 1840 and chosen as residence by the families that ruled Tuscany and by the Savoy house until 1946. The Lorraine/Savoy rooms display the exhibitions of the collections of historical clothes and accessoires, which had previously been stored in the palace’s warehouses.  The collections cover the period between the 18th century and the present-day.

I have mixed the photos together to make a patchwork of the items that caught my eye on our quick trip through the rooms…..to find coffee, which we did, in the grandest place that I think I have ever drunk coffee in.  In the photo below, is where we sat and husband gathered back his strength with some wonderful Italian coffee, plus not forgetting cake for that little extra.

The gift shop from above.


11 Replies to “Ceiling Frescoes & Gallery of Costumes In The Pitti Palace, Florence, Italy”

  1. Beautifully captured highlights! Lovely that photography was allowed too. You must have felt like royalty sitting in that grande ‘cafe’ drinking your coffee. You have a very patient husband!!

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