Eating Sandwiches on a Glacier – The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps

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The Top of Europe 2015, The Jungfrau Experience in The Swiss Alps and what an experience.  This is one way of experiencing the nearest thing to being a mountain climber that you can get, with out using a rope.  After three train journeys we reached the top, we then spent some time looking at the views through the large windows, then we ventured outside to really see the views.  Totally jaw dropping amazing, for me anyway, as I’m not very good with heights, but I soon overcame any fears, it was just so beautiful.  Next we explored inside the mountain.  I found some photos of how the tunnels were made, and you can also see the very last part of the tunnel dug into the mountain.  There is an ice cave, which I have posted about, and a display on making Swiss Chocolate.  After making our way down some very long tunnels, we came out on to the glacier……..we sat on deckchairs and had our sandwiches, with a coffee we bought from the Glacier Bar, it was perfect, just like being at the seaside, but instead of sand, snow.  We sat and enjoyed watching others enjoying all the snow activities, and then made our way to the next train to leave the Top of Europe.   I have added a few photos of the train trips down the mountain.


15 Replies to “Eating Sandwiches on a Glacier – The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps”

  1. I am drinking all this in 😀 Someone turned the heat up here yesterday and forgot to turn it down – 38C and counting. 😦
    I Love the snow deckchairs and tea and sandwiches on the ‘beach’ 🙂

    1. I’m sure it would be better if you had some of our snow, which we are going to get tomorrow and we had some of your sun….its good to share 🙂 The beach was really fun 🙂

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