Christmas In St Peter’s Church, Walpole St Peter, Norfolk

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Finally a post on the beautiful Church of St Peter in Walpole St Peter in Norfolk.  This is one of my favourite churches, and I have been using many of the photos taken in 2016, for this years Christmas 2017.   It is going to be a difficult Christmas for us this year, my Father is seriously ill, my Mother in Law also, but on top of her illness, she had a major heart attack on Tuesday morning, but she is doing well.  For all that, we are determined, to make the best of everything and make their Christmases very special.  In fact we are really looking forward to some Christmas magic, and I am sure it will happen with a little help 🙂  But back to the church, each year St Peter’s is decorated so beautifully, and hopefully after the holidays I will be able to visit and take some photos of this years decorations.  The last photo is of my husband, who is very important in helping me with my blog, for taking me more or less where ever I want to go, and also for putting up with my never ending desire to see more of our wonderful world 🙂

17 Replies to “Christmas In St Peter’s Church, Walpole St Peter, Norfolk”

    1. It is a wonderful church to visit, it has the most calming effect of any church that I have visited……I think its the light from the windows, it is impossible for the interior to be gloomy 🙂

  1. This IS a great church, Lynne! I love all those windows, it’s so bright. The picture you took through the window is beautiful. I think you caught a bit of sunset there. Am I seeing right, is the font cover taller than the font? We all should be grateful to your husband. Without him this blog wouldn’t be the same. Thanks, Steve! 🙂 I’ll be sending some joyful vibes your way, hope your Christmas is the best it can possibly be! 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, those windows let so much light into the church. In the evening when the lights are on, looking from the outside of the church, the inside looks ablaze, so beautiful, I have yet to capture it in a photo.. Steve smiled when I told him of your thanks, which was nice as he hasn’t smiled much in the last few days 🙂 We are going to see his mother up in Cheshire in hospital today, just to make sure she is ok and then we are taking the caravan on Saturday to the south coast to spend a week with my father. It will be his last Christmas and Fleur is coming with her family to visit, so it should be nice for him……he will enjoy it, I will make sure he does 🙂 So lots of joyful vibes would be wonderful 🙂 and Pat, I sincerely hope that yours will be a joyful occasion, the very best of wishes, Lynne 🙂

  2. What a stunning church, you have captured it so well in photos and words. I would imagine the history of it is fascinating too. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this time Lynn, have a safe trip and thank you, to you and Steve for your blogging and for showing us so much.

    1. Thank you John, and I suddenly realised that I have actually only taken photos of the church at Christmas, and still have the history to do……. also many thanks for your kind words, we saw Steve’s Mum yesterday in the hospital and she is progressing well 🙂

  3. Lynne, I am really so very sorry to hear about your father and your mother in law as well.. I wish you and your family the best and must say you certainly seem to have a brave, practical , positive outlook on the situation ~ I think it is wonderful that you are determined to give them the best Christmas possible and to try and look at it as positively as is possible in the circumstances. This series of photos are exquisite~ beautiful sensitively observed captures of a truly beautiful church. Thank you for sharing these . I will be thinking of you and your family and hope you have a safe journey and your father comfortable as possible and hopefully able to enjoy this Christmas with you and Steve.. I am sure he will be very glad of your presence there now.

    1. Than you Val for your lovely kind words. I have to be positive, as I want to have lovely memories and I have such lovely ones of my Mother, that I want the same. What is lovely, is that my Father has rallied a little and he seems to want to be positive with what time is left 🙂 Steve’s Mum is progressing well over her heart attack and her other illness is being treated and hopefully there will be a good out come with that. Glad you like the church, it really is my favourite, unfortunately I have yet to visit this year, but will try to get there when we come back. I truly hope that you and your family have a joyfully Christmas and the very best that the New Year can being 🙂 Lynne

      1. That does sound encouraging anyway Lynne about your father, as well as mother in law~ perhaps that will allow you all to actually enjoy Christmas and time spent together and put, at least some of your worries, on the back burner (no pun intended!) for awhile anyway. Many thanks for your kind wishes for my own family . I do so appreciate it~ Take good care and will look forward to seeing more photos of the church wherever you are able to return .

    1. Thank you Barbara for your kind wishes, it means a lot. I think a little magic is working already, one heart attack under control and patient doing well 🙂 Wishing you and your family, all the joy that the Christmas can bring, Lynne

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