A Floating Hotel, Sunborn Yacht Hotel, London

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Still sorting photos, as the rain has decided to stay around for a while, but its good to catch on some photos…….In 2016 we stayed overnight on a Sunborn Yacht Hotel in the Royal Victoria Dock, London.   It was a lovely surprise, as I had no idea where we were going to spend the night after a meeting we had attended nearby, but didn’t think it would be floating on water.  I’m trying to do posts on some of the different places we have stayed, I have done a few, but somehow missed this one.  I must admit, I enjoyed every minute of my mini cruise 🙂

A few details……Sunborn London is a Yacht Hotel S160, providing around 10,000m² of beautifully designed floorspace and incorporating elegant guest accommodation, restaurants, leisure areas, conference and events facilities. Equipped to four-star luxury standards, the yacht is tailor-made for its London mooring using the highest standards in construction, safety and technology to meet the highest specifications.

16 Replies to “A Floating Hotel, Sunborn Yacht Hotel, London”

    1. Chirasree I am having a problem with you blog at the moment, I kept subscribing, it takes my email mail and then asks me subscribe again and then again, not sure why. Anyway I did see you beautiful photos, some of those places look amazing 🙂 Lynne

      1. Hi Lynn, thank you so much for this feedback. You are subscribed to my site but I have to fixed my subscription for WordPress it seems. Nonetheless, thank you for stopping by.

  1. That is beautiful! Is this a ship that has been retired from the sea? That would be a fun thing to do. I see you caught the photographer in the act. 🙂

    1. Ha ha yes thats me with my new hairstyle, called blowing in the wind 🙂 I think there are 3 or 4 of these yachts in different parts of the world, they are built to be moored up, I have an idea they are not really sea worthy, as in going out to sea, I think they are just a very clever idea. It was lovely and I just hope our cruise to Iceland at the start of March is as smooth as that one ha ha 🙂

    2. I actually posted a picture of this yacht in my dreams scrapbook for future reference. Your photos have made me want to visit even more.

      1. Oh thats quite amazing, I really didn’t think people would be interested in it…….one of the reasons I took so long to post it 🙂 It is worth going to see, even if you just go for a drink 🙂

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