St Nicholas’ Chapel in King’s Lynn, Norfolk

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After posting St Mary’s Church in Rougham and the restoration of the north aisle, I remembered that I had taken some photos of the restoration of St Nicholas’ Chapel, the country’s largest chapel of ease, in King’s Lynn.  The building had some conservation and regeneration repairs carried out and was reopened in 2015.

A little information…..The project was developed to save the building from further deterioration. As well as re-roofing of the building to preserve the incredible carved angels beneath it, the restoration work included the installation of solar panels on the roof, and new facilities which has renewed life in the chapel which now hosts a variety of cultural events such as concerts, fairs and exhibitions, as well as a learning programme that opens up the stories of the medieval consistory court and the lives of the King’s Lynn community.

8 Replies to “St Nicholas’ Chapel in King’s Lynn, Norfolk”

  1. Glad they saved the roof angels! It must take some special skills to know how to go about working on a place like this. Good to see. 🙂

    1. You could book to go in and up to the roof and see the angels and the work they were carrying out, but we were away on holiday…..I would have loved to have seen the angels up close 🙂

      1. I know, most probably never get another chance……but I had a new camera for xmas, with a much better lens, so I’m going back to photograph the angels again and see if i can get better photos…..when time allows 🙂

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