St Mary The Virgin Church, Axminster, Devon

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On holiday in Devon last year, on a lovely sunny day, we visited the large listed grade II parish church of St Mary in the heart of Axminster, Devon.   This is a lovely interesting church, but I found it very difficult to take photos of the interior, I like to take wide shots of the Chanel and Nave, but found it almost impossible to do so, as the lovely side aisles take up the room.  There is some nice stain glass windows and an especially beautiful one, of the Nativity, which I posted about last Christmas.  

A little history……The church is of Norman origin, though only a Norman doorway survives.  The church had been added to over the centuries, the piers of the crossing and the west parts of the chancel are early 13th century.  The Chancel south aisle 1480 with the reset Norman doorway, the North aisle and porch 1525 -30 and early 14th century stepped group of sedilia and piscina in chancel.  There is an octagonal pulpit of 1633, a brass candelabra of 1750.  The south aisle was built in 1800 and the pews are 19th century.  In 1870 carved angels replaced capitals of north arcade, so quite a few centuries to explore in this grade II listed building.





8 Replies to “St Mary The Virgin Church, Axminster, Devon”

  1. You certainly had some beautiful weather. I like that pulpit, there is a lot of detail. I’d probably get stuck staring at it for a while. 🙂 What are the cushioned alcoves in the wall? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. 🙂

    1. Yes it was lovely last summer, well some of the time. The alcoves are where the Priests use to sit in the medieval times 🙂 and no they didn’t have cushions/kneelers then 🙂

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