St Margaret’s Church, Stanfield, Norfolk

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What a little treasure we found on a lovely January day in 2016, I spied St Margaret Church in Stansfield, Norfolk, from the car window, I saw the tower poking out between the trees.  Of course husband stopped the car, and his parting words of …..don’t be to long…..hung in the air, as I made my very quick exit from the passenger seat. Walking up the grassy path, my fingers were tightly crossed….please, please be open.  Open it was and I was standing in a late Medieval church that had hardly changed since construction.  I stood and took in my ancient surroundings, a long narrow aisle-less nave, predominantly an untouched example of Early English style. 

The additions are the late Perpendicular style square windows of the nave and the east window of 1864, in an Early English style.  As I made my way down the nave, I noticed wonderful primitive late medieval carved pew ends.  They just make you smile, thinking about medieval children playing with them during a long drawn out Sunday sermon, hoping not to get caught.


Between the nave and chancel would have been the rood and screen, separating the clergy from the parishioners, the rood (large crucifix on top of the screen) long  gone, but a simple Medieval chancel screen remains, but unfortunately the original rood screen panels have been painted over. The panels  would have had brightly painted saints adoring the now empty spaces.  But look at the last photo of the screens, a little creature escaped and hides in the wooden tracery.



There is a jacobean pulpit with wonderful carvings, a plain octagonal font, with a  marvellous wonky cover.

It is thought that the stone quoins on this largely flint building, may date to the Late Saxon or early Norman period, which would make this very special church, even more of a delight.


6 Replies to “St Margaret’s Church, Stanfield, Norfolk”

  1. Great find Lynne! You must have taken a massive amount of photos. There’s so much to look at. I definitely like the little fellow hiding in that corner. He’s grinning like the Cheshire cat! 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, I did take and awful lot, I had to pare them right down, but it was such a lovely church. I am trying to catch up with them all, could be quite a while 🙂

  2. what a little jewel box of a place. Love the carved bench ends ~ and the fine Jacobean pulpit , A real treasure~ lovely to have so many of your photos to look at ~ I feel as if I have personally explored all the nooks and crannies of the entire church ~ a real treat.

  3. I want to sit on the bench with the bunny carving . I can just see a little girl lost in wonder at those carvings … delightful photo ,this church is a treasure.

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