According to Sir John Betjeman, Clevedon Pier in North Somerset, is the most beautiful pier in England, I think he had a point, it’s so dainty, if a pier can be called that.  We were visiting nearby in 2016, so took the chance to have a look.  I’m so glad we did, even through the weather was a little grey, and it did start to drizzle by the end of our visit, the views of England’s only Grade 1 listed pier, with Victorian Pagoda, opened in 1869, was well worth it……its so pretty.  I am so use to seeing big chunky piers, that this one was a bit of a shock, and also that I had never seen it before.  

We didn’t get the chance to explore the pier as we were short of time, but this little castle like building, is where you would buy your entry ticket.  However since our visit, I have read that there s a new visitor’s centre, so maybe you would buy your tickets there now.  I had added some photos of the little steam train that is in the park, and a couple of Toffee when he was a puppy, plus a few black and white photos.  A very enjoyable way of spending a couple of hours.


23 Replies to “Clevedon Pier, North Somerset”

  1. That is a lovely pier! Too bad it rained. Toffey is, of course, adorable! And fuzzy. 🙂 The B&W of the children is really nice. That little girl is excited about something! And an inflatable church? Or is that a castle? 🙂

    1. Thank you and It’s an inflatable bouncy castle the children love them to bounce around on. I would too, but I’m not a allowed to ha ha. It’s a lovely pier and hopefully we will get to go back and walk a long it one day 🙂

      1. Oh, OK, it’s that recent…. There was a pier I heard about, think it was in Somerset, and that one was a little dilapidated. Would have been right up my street, but no idea where it was, or whether it’ s still there

  2. What a beautiful pier! I’m venturing into Somerset later on today to explore Wells and the surrounding area so I might check out this pier too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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