St Denys Church, Cold Ashby, Northampshire

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We were passing this church quite late in the afternoon in 2016……I am so behind with my church photos…… I got husband to stop and luckily the church was still open.  It looked quite interesting with all the different style of windows and building materials.   St Denys in Cold Ashby is listed Grade 2 and is a modest stone church set high on the ground to the present village centre.  The existing building is thought to be from the 12th to 14th century and was restored in 1840.

The walls and roof have been restored so that they show the original stone and timbers.

Under the gallery there is a perpendicular octagonal font on a panelled stem with fleurons to the underside of the bowel, dated 15th century.

The Royal Coat of Arms of George 3rd are dated 1778 , there were restore in 1970.

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  1. You find the most beautiful old churches on your travels. Rushing to catch up as I’ve been without my laptop for the last nine days. Would you believe I managed to tread on it and cracked the touchscreen from top to bottom!! An expensive repair!!

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