A Train Ride to The Seaside at Sheringham, Norfolk

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Back in the summer, 2017, we had relatives to stay, and we took them to travel on the steam train from just outside of Holt to Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast.  When we reach Sheringham, we explored the lovely little seaside resort with them.  This is just to remind me that we do have nice weather, but today we had snow, which later turned into icy rain, not sure which I dislike the most…..the rain I think.  The first photo I took when we reached the beach, was this lovely family enjoying an old fashion day at the seaside.  

The first photos are of the train at different stops on the way and the rest are Sheringham in the sunshine.


8 Replies to “A Train Ride to The Seaside at Sheringham, Norfolk”

  1. What a lovely trip that was, thanks for sharing. It looks like that one little fur ball took offence at your photography. Did you escape in one piece? Looks like you’ve gotten into some of our weather! Hope it doesn’t last too long. 🙂

  2. Love the train photos and the beach and all the little dogs. 🙂
    I was a bit confused with the date and thought at first you had been time-travelling – 2917 – then guessed maybe just some full stops missing. 😀

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