Zen In Interlaken, Switzerland

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I found this little garden in Interlaken in Switzerland 2016.  It was a lovely little quite spot away from the crowds of people shopping in the rich expensive shops.  We of course were only window shopping, which was quite easy to do, I have never seen so many expensive shops in on place,  Even though there are shops galore, Interlaken is a very attractive town surrounded by the Bernese Alps.  Behind the garden is a church, which I will post about later. 


13 Replies to “Zen In Interlaken, Switzerland”

    1. Thank you Pat, it was a lovely little spot, there were huge fish in the pond. I am sorting through photos at the moment. I have a new external hard drive, but I can’t just export all the photos, as I’m not sure which ones I have posted or not posted, so its a bit of a lengthy chore, but its good to have a sort out 🙂

    1. Thank you Sue, there are some more to come, I came across them well sorting through some photos 🙂 I loved Grindelwald, as they had the most wonderful ice-cream 🙂

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