Views of St Joseph Catholic Church & Interlaken, Switzerland

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In 2016 we were in Interlaken, Switzerland, as we were staying in the centre, we had plenty of time to explore.  I had found a lovely little garden, and behind it was St Joseph Catholic Church.  We made our way to the church, finding the door, we found something quite unexpected.  The interior was modern, I can’t find any details, but I should think the building had been restored quite recently.  There are a few photos of Interlaken, but the weather was not camera friendly on that particular day.

8 Replies to “Views of St Joseph Catholic Church & Interlaken, Switzerland”

    1. The stained glass is beautiful, even thought it was dull outside, the glass shone. It was different but it had a very friendly feel to, just so not what I thought it was going to be 🙂

  1. I can imagine that was a surprise , I found the stained glass interesting that it contained a lion,flower and a cattle head..what if they have special meaning to the locals.

    1. They could be some kind of meaning, but as I am Church of England and not a Catholic, I not sure what it would be, maybe it’s something to do with Switzerland 🙂

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