Holy Trinity Church, Marham, Norfolk

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Another church that I would like to re-visit is Holy Trinity in Marham, Norfolk.  The door was locked in 2016, there were some phone numbers on the church notice board, but being a Sunday, I was loath to disturb anyone.  I just took a few photos of the exterior and the beautiful display of snowdrops.

Having read about this parish church, which is C12, and late C14, restored 1844, 1867 and 1875 and built of flint with ashlar dressings with slate roofs and the best part…….inside a very interesting memorial.  So another one to go on the list to visit when the weather is more clement. 



5 Replies to “Holy Trinity Church, Marham, Norfolk”

  1. Very fine edifice. By the way, I see you’re a time traveller, visiting this church in 2106, I’m so jealous but where do you park your TARDIS?!
    (See, some of us do read your text and not just admire the pretty pics!)

      1. It’s OK, I knew what you meant, and if it’s any consolation I’m forever going back and quietly re-editing my own posts for mistakes, omissions and awkward phrasing! Hopefully nobody notices. 😀

      2. I am having trouble at the moment, I keep wanting to put a 1 where there should be none 🙂 never mind, as you say hopefully no one really notices…….ha ha in my case just look at the pretty pictures 🙂

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