Following on from yesterdays post, after our drive across Switzerland in 2015, we arrived at our hotel ‘Park Hotel’ in Merligen, on the side of Lake Thun, which is surrounded by the mountains of the Bernese Overland.  It’s a lovely hotel, a little big for me, but husband liked it, I did like the views from the window and there is a very nice restaurant.  I have added a few photos of the view from the other side of the hotel, with some lovely chalet wooden houses…….now I would have loved to have stayed in one of them, maybe next time.

14 Replies to “Hotel On The Lake, Switzerland”

  1. This really is a lovely place! I would like to check out that garden. I think I’m seeing a palm tree and possibly a yucca. Both of which I associate with warmer climates than I thought Switzerland had. 🙂 What is it like there?

    1. It is lovely and Merligen enjoys a Mediterranean climate all year round, although it does rain, as we found out. Switzerland is so clean and beautiful and some wonderful places to visit. I still have some more posts to put on for 2016, so behind with everything. never mind, its like visiting all over again 🙂

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