Kildalton Chapel & Burial Ground, Isle of Islay, Scotland

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For some good reason, which is now lost in the mist of time, I had forgotten to post about Kildalton Burial Ground on the Isle of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland.   I posted about the famous Kildalton Celtic Cross and the Thieves Cross on site, but not the burial ground, although all the photos were ready.  We visited in May 2016, the weather was perfect and I found some wonderful tomb slabs.

Kildalton Chapel is one of the most iconic archaeological and historic sites on Islay. It is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit, located in the lovely SE corner of the island. Today we see the walls of the 13/14th century chapel, within the 19th century boundary walls of a graveyard and with an adjacent 8th century early Christian cross.  

Some history……The Kildalton parish is medieval in origin – early documentary records suggesting from c 1425, but the church building is older than this, possibly dating from the late 12th or early 13th century. Following the 1560 Reformation, Kildalton Church continued to be used, for a parish which extended from McArthur’s head in the north, to the Oa in the south, until the drift of population towards Ardbeg caused change and regular public worship was discontinued in Kildalton and transferred to the Lagavulin area at the end of the 18th century.

26 Replies to “Kildalton Chapel & Burial Ground, Isle of Islay, Scotland”

    1. Sue, May 2016 was a beautiful, last May 2107 was horrible, the ferries were cancelled to the Island, so we were very lucky in 2016. I just hope this May will be ok 🙂 Your are right though, it is very intriguing 🙂

      1. Wonderful places to take photos, as you will know, we will visit Sky again this year and hopefully back to the Outer Hebrides next year 🙂

      2. Yes it is, I have just noticed, I really must read what I type, although the type seems to be getting smaller…..time for new glasses 🙂

      3. I know what you mean! In my case, it’s usually the dratted predictive text that gets the better of me, and I post some bloopers!!

      4. Oh that as well, it seems sometimes to have a will all of its own…….. I always hope that not a lot of people read my text, just look at the photos 🙂

    1. The weather is changeable, but normally from May through to October, it can very good. Although last year we only had 5 days out of 18 days that were nice and sunny, but they had a months hot weather before we turned up 🙂 Winter is a different story, cold windy, snowy and wet 🙂

  1. Such a very peaceful post; the perfect way to start my day. I am wondering, do you know if there is ever any indication of who is buried under the slabs?

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