Isle of Skye, Scotland, Road Trip – Part 2

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Oh dear, a little late with this post, only about a year, so not too bad for me.  This is part 2 of our road trip around the Isle of Skye, Scotland in 2017, and finishing on the main land, which we do each year.  As we are going again at the start of May, I thought I had better finish this trip before we embark on the next one.  Each year we find something different and it’s really just a visual trip to enjoy the beautiful Isle of Skye.  

10 Replies to “Isle of Skye, Scotland, Road Trip – Part 2”

    1. Thank you, hopefully this May, we will take the bikes to Eigg, hopefully the rain will stay away this year 🙂 We try to visit a different part of Skye each year, its beautiful when the sun shines 🙂

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