This is one of my favourite churches for roof angels, St John the Bapist, Stamford in Lincolnshire.   I cannot go pass without popping in to take some shots, so here are some more to add to the others.  It depends on the time of day, and they are quite high, as to the standard of the photos, but I really just like taking photos of them.  On this visit I did find some lovely pew ends, I actually looked down for once.

10 Replies to “Roof Angels Galore”

  1. I’d have a crick in my neck from looking at all those angels! What a great collection. And those beasties are actually kind of cute. 🙂

      1. I do have some more beasties to post from another church, which I will do shortly 🙂 They are quite amazing, I have really only just found them again 🙂

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