A Monochrome Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Southern Germany

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On of my favourite places, Landsberg am Lech, in Bavaria, Southern Germany.  I have taken numerous amounts of photos of this enchanting town, lots of which I have posted before, so this time they have had the mono treatment.  I am just experimenting with them, as the shapes of the buildings seem to lend themselves to black and white . 

20 Replies to “A Monochrome Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Southern Germany”

      1. Oh, absolutely! But not always so in the eastern areas…I was glad of my basic German when we visited soon after the Wall fell…

      2. That is one place, out of many, that we have not explored, Eastern Germany. We are going at the start of April, but again to Bavaria, just hope the weather gets better 🙂

      3. No,no,no! Wish I had been…. We were in Nürnberg a few weeks later, and I shall never forget the line of Trabants on the motorway making their way from the East, struggling up a hill…if I hadn’t been the driver, I would have taken a photo….it was classic

      4. That would have been some photo. I remember watching the wall coming down and thinking how amazing to have been there, after all those awful years, how wonderful they must have felt 🙂

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