Killerton House, Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon

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Killerton House in Broadclyst near Exeter in Devon is a lovely 18th century Georgian House that we visited in 2016.  I have already posted about the trees in the garden and recently about the chapel, now its the turn of the house……a little late, but I doubt it has changed much.  This is really a visual tour, I have added some details in between the interior photos and the exterior ones.  We did enjoy our visit to this National Trust House and I am just so pleased, that for the last few years you are allow to take flash free photos, so thank you NT.

A little about the house……Killerton is an 18th-century house in Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon, England, which, with its hillside garden and estate, has been owned by the National Trust since 1944 and is open to the public. The National Trust displays the house as a comfortable home. 

The estate covers some 2590 hectares (25.9 km2, 6400 acres).  Included in the Estate is a steep wooded hillside with the remains of an Iron Age Hill fort on top of it, also known as Dolbury which has also yielded evidence of Roman occupation, thought to be a possible fort or marching camp within the Hill fort.

Killerton House itself and the Bear’s Hut summerhouse in the grounds are Grade II* listed buildings.  The gardens are Grade II listed in the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.


12 Replies to “Killerton House, Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon”

  1. Wonderful old house. I’d get stuck in that library! Are the portraits all former residents? Those trees are really fantastic, too. I think they’ve been there a while. 🙂

    1. Yes the portrait are former residents, I think the painting of the couple with the piano or what ever it is, is the one in the house that I took a photo of. It is a lovely house, very liveable if you had the money 🙂 I loved the library 🙂

  2. We visited the house last summer. Enjoyed the grounds, church and as much of the house as we were able to see! The roof was being repaired so many rooms were ‘off limits’ Must go again. Great post – Thanks.

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