Last year we had to have some trees felled, unfortunately due to age they had became too tall and they had become a little dangerous in high winds.  The above tree had actually been struck by lightening and was dangerous to the other trees surrounding it, but it has and will keep our wood burning stove going for quite a long time.  It was also interesting to watch how they climbed the very tall trees, not something you see everyday. 

I think they are candidates for my ‘Occupation Category’

7 Replies to “Timber”

  1. And they do it so fast! We had to have one taken out once. It’s sad to see them go, but it has to be done. But we put in another much younger one. 🙂

    1. Yes they work really fast and were so tidy. We haven’t replace the trees, as we have quite a lot and it lets the other ones grow with more space around them. We planted other ones in the front garden, which we must top out, otherwise they will become too tall 🙂

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