St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church, City of York, Yorkshire

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While visiting York last year 2017, I noticed a sign ‘Church Open’, well that’s enough for me to venture into to any church.  The church was St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church, known as the ‘The Mother Church of the City York’ and stands in the shadow of York Minster.  I didn’t get a clear photo of the exterior and I wasn’t too sure if a service was about to start or was finishing, so I just took a couple of quick shots.  What I did see, quite impressed me and reminded me of some of the churches I had seen in Venice and Florence, which is not surprising as its ‘Gothic Revival Style’ a copy of 13th–14th century style church.  The building was started in 1862 and finished in 1864.  There has been a church dictated to St Wilfrid since medieval times and the present church was built on the site of an old chapel.

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