Iceland Cruise 5 – Cheese, Clogs and Volendam, The Netherlands

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After our trip to visit the historic windmills in Zaanse Schans, we were taken to see a cheese farm, where clogs are also made.  I must admit it was not something we would have chosen to do on our own, but we were on a coach and had to tag along.  The coach was late in arriving, as we had been late leaving the ship and also the windmills, due to a couple who it would seem, did not own a watch between the two of them.  One thing we had drummed into us on the ship, was to be back to coaches on time, as they had very tight schedules to keep.  So now, we were 30 minutes late for the next visit, which was the trip to Volendam.  This along with the windmills was the reason we had picked this trip.  After listening to how to make cheese and clogs, we made our way to Volendam.  After parking the coach we were walked through the back streets of this lovely fishing village and then straight away we were leaving again……our stay had turned into, I kid you not, 2 minutes, all because this couple could not keep to the time…… I was not a happy bunny.  I managed to grab a few photos as we were hustled along and thought, oh, I hope this is not a sign of things to come, but I must say now, the rest of our coach visits were perfect.  So here are a few photos of cheese, clogs and a brief glimpse of a fishing village, Volendam on the shores of Markermeer Lake in North Holland.

Next post will be ‘On the way to the Faroe Islands’

9 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 5 – Cheese, Clogs and Volendam, The Netherlands”

  1. I would have wanted to take home some of that cheese! It’s too bad when someone spoils it for everyone else. Any chance you might get back over there some time? It looks like a beautiful little village.

    1. This was my third visit, but on the other two occasions it was before I started really taking photos and yes I got a little angry…..but we just kept clear of any coaches we saw them on 🙂 🙂 But we want to go back in our small motor home. not sure when, but we will, I had forgotten how much I like Holland 🙂 And yes the cheese was really tasty, they gave you little samples to taste, lots 🙂

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