Iceland Cruise 7 – Forteiland Fortress, UNESCO Site, Netherlands

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I wanted to do a post on the The Forteiland, an island fortress, because on leaving Tilbury Port, you pass Tilbury Fort and with both sites I got amazing views of the structures. Tilbury Fort has already been posted on Iceland Cruise 1.  

The Forteiland IJmuiden is an island fortress located near the town of IJmuiden, in the mouth of the North Sea Canal. It was constructed in the 1880s to help defend the surrounding area and restrict shipping traffic heading for Amsterdam. This iconic site is actually half underground and is the largest building in the Defence Line of Amsterdam – a UNESCO world monument.  You can visit on certain days and it sounds very interesting if you are ever at the mouth of the North Sea Canal.

Next post is about the lighthouses you can see in the photos, for my lighthouse category.



2 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 7 – Forteiland Fortress, UNESCO Site, Netherlands”

  1. Sounds to me like you also do your homework before trips. It’s half the pleasure, isn’t it? Interesting and I’d no idea it was a UNESCO World Heritage site. My knowledge of the area goes back to school days in the 1960s.

    1. Yes I do some homework and enjoy it, but I didn’t know about the Fort, although I have a growing interest in UNESCO sites now. My memoirs of the area are mostly in the 80’s, we use to visit friends as much as we could and we really must take a longer holiday…..soon 🙂

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