IJmuiden Hoge Lighthouse, North Sea Port, The Netherlands

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IJmuiden Hoge Lighouse (Rear Range) is partner to the low light, which guide ships into the harbor of IJmuiden at the end of the North Sea Canal.  Luckily on our cruise to Iceland, I got some interesting shots of both lighthouses for my ‘Lighthouse Category’  Both lights were built in 1879 by Quirinius Harder.  This light is a round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, painted a reddish brown and the lantern is white with a reddish-brown dome. 

2 Replies to “IJmuiden Hoge Lighthouse, North Sea Port, The Netherlands”

    1. The ship provides a daily leaflet, about the visiting each port, but not the names of the lighthouses. I look them up afterwards, as they do take a little time to find, but its part of the fun. I like to find odd bits on each trip to research when we get home 🙂

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