IJmuiden, New South Breakwater Lighthouse, North Sea Port, The Netherlands

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IJmuiden, Nieuwe Zuiderhoofd, new south breakwater lighthouse..  This lighthouse is at the end of the new breakwater at LJmuiden, built in 1966, it is accessible only by boat.  As we passed the lighthouse, and with the light fading fast, our cruise ship entered the North Sea, and we were on our way to the Faroe Islands.



4 Replies to “IJmuiden, New South Breakwater Lighthouse, North Sea Port, The Netherlands”

    1. I have asked my husband, who was in the Merchant Navy……the red ones would be on the port side which is left and green ones, starboard would be right. Not sure what the black and white stripes are 🙂

      1. I never thought of it like that. Thank you for your trouble. I could go further and ask about lighthouses that stand on a cliff edge and ships pass in both directions … but I won’t 😉

      2. Ah the small ones that are green and red, are normally the ones on each side of an entry into port or estuary. Now the larger ones…..on cliffs, I think they can be any colour, only because they are really there to warn ships away from the cliffs. Interesting though, I will have to consult my lighthouse books 🙂

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