Iceland Cruise 8 – Sailing into Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands

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Finally on our cruise to Iceland, March 2018, we arrived at Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands, I was so excited, I got up really early to watch the ship enter the port, so I could take some photos.  What I had not expected was the snow, I’m not sure why I hadn’t, as when we had left the UK it was still snowing.  But it did look wonderful, especially the wonderful coloured painted house with the white roofs.  It was also very cold, so I was glad I had my three layers on, plus hat, gloves and scarves, but it did warm up during the day.  We visited an island, a sea shore village and a wonderful church, plus on the way back to Tórshavn, we went up and over a very snow-covered hill, so we could see a birds eye view of Tórshavn.  Posts will follow shortly, this post is our early hour arrival into port.


6 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 8 – Sailing into Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands”

    1. They also grow grass on the roofs making the roofs very heavy, so they stay on during strong storms 🙂 some photos to post about them later.

  1. Those houses steal the show! Very picturesque. The snow on the hills made me think of chalk cliffs. A little too much slope, though. I get the impression nobody was swimming on this cruise. 🙂

    1. I love the houses in the snow. They had, had a lot of snow just before we arrived, so it was good for taking photos. Nope no swimmers, but some people used the hot tub when we were sailing to the Orkneys, but had to get out as the seas became too rough 🙂

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