We said goodbye to my Dad yesterday, it was a lovely farewell.  This is not a sad post, David was nearly 91 and had a good long life, although ill for the last nine months, went as he wanted to, in his sleep at home two weeks ago, with my step mum and myself by his side. The photo is of my youngest grandson Oscar and his great-grand father David, taken at Dads wedding last August 2017.

God Bless, Dad xxx

34 Replies to “Goodbye Dad”

    1. Thank you Pat, I know what you mean, my mum died nearly 40 years ago and she is with me everyday. He will be greatly missed, but we made some good memories in the last 9 months of his illness.

  1. A lovely post in honor of your dear dad , Lynne ~ and especially to know he went so peacefully , had a full, well lived life and obviously loved by many. Of course there will be a huge space now where he once was but at least you have comfort of knowing he was able to be around as long as he was and went the way all of us hope to, but few do. So sorry for your loss, but think you have a lovely and positive attitude and that helps a great deal I think. Lovely too that his great grandchildren got to know him as well. Hugs and my thoughts are with you.

    1. Thank you Val for your lovely comments and especially the hugs x. We will all miss him, but we were so lucky to have him for so long, Also right up until he was ninety and got ill, he had been as fit as a fiddle. And yes its lovely that my grandchildren got to know him for a long time as they are 23, 21 and 8, hopefully Oscar will remember him…….we have always got the photo to show him.

    1. Thank you, he was a charmer with the ladies, even in the end days, he had the nurses fighting over who was going to visit him at home……it was lovely to see and yes he really never lost his good looks even in his 90’s.

  2. 91 oh wow! My pop died when he was 64….It’s been 11 yrs now. So glad that you were able to see him go so peacefully! Love that photo … a wonderful honor to him!

    1. Thank you Deb, yes I was lucky to have had him for so long, I lost my mum when she was 50. I have been blessed that I was with both of them at the end and yes I love the photo,

    1. Thank you, yea I will greatly miss him, but have been so lucky to have had him all these years and we did make so lovely memories, one I love, is his marriage last August, such a happy day, hence the photo.

      1. Yes I did notice he got remarried quite old, but that’s awesome. 🙂
        My Dad died at 69, so yes you were lucky to have your Dad around for so long. 🙂

      2. Yes they had been together for 34 years, a couple of years after my mum died, she was 50, so Dad thought he better make an honest woman of her ha ha, better late than never 🙂 And yes it was lovely to have had him around for so many years 🙂

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