Iceland Cruise 10 – Through The Tunnel To Gásadalur Village, The Faroes

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Once we were on the Island of Vágar, we made out way to Gásadalur, which is surrounded by the highest mountains on the island.  To reach the village you have to travel through a tunnel, created in 2004 to Gásadalur, from the village of Bøur, which made it possible to drive through by car.  Before the tunnel, the village was one of the most isolated Faroese villages and became almost totally depopulated, with the villagers having to take the strenuous route over the mountains in order to reach other villages.  In 2002 there were only about sixteen people living in Gásadalur, but now there is a growing population.  

Gásadalur is located in the west side of the island and we enjoyed the beautiful view over Mykines and the famous uninhabited islet Tindhólmur, with the five peaks and its highest point at 262 meters. Gásadalur translate directly to English as “goose valley”, which is possibly named after the wild geese, which from ancient times have travelled to the valley. 

We had a short photo stop, as we were on a coach, we had a tight schedule to keep.  There was still a wonderful church to visit, but we got lucky and someone wanted a pitstop.  So we got to make a short visit to the wonderful grass roof turfed village, Bøur, which we had passed by before we went through the tunnel to Gásadalur.  A visit to Bøur will be the next post.  But for now, photos of this wonderful part of the  The Faroe Islands, the Island of Vágar.




March 2018



12 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 10 – Through The Tunnel To Gásadalur Village, The Faroes”

    1. Thank you Marion, and I am sure you will visit some day. I would love to return to all the places we visited in the summer months, as I am sure they look totally different. Anyway, glad you are enjoying the photos 🙂 Lynne

  1. That is some incredibly beautiful scenery. I’m glad they were able to save the village. It must have really mattered if they built a tunnel to do it. I see Steve was taking some photos. And that has to be one of the most colorful clotheslines I’ve ever seen The darkness of the house really makes those colors pop, well done. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, and yes I let Steve take a photo, just to show I was there 🙂 I would love to go back and spend a week, 4 hours was not enough to see all the beautiful scenery. Although I can make 4 hours seem like weeks when I do my posts 🙂 🙂 I loved the washing, least it means some one lives there 🙂

  2. Lovely village! I saw the wash hanging on the line, while it is lovely flopping in the breeze …. I know for a fact that who ever hung it up did so quickly with fingers getting rather cold. These sheep have a nice coat for sheering here before long.

    1. I really wanted to buy a jumper made from the wool of those beautiful sheep, but alas we ran out of time, so a photo had to do 🙂 I loved the washing, but yes it would have been cold fingers 🙂

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