Iceland Cruise 11 – Bøur Village & Church, Island of Vágar, The Faroes

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After visiting Gásadalur on the Island of Vágar, The Faroe Islands, we retraced our tracks back through the road tunnel, to a little village we had passed earlier.  Someone on the coach needed a pitstop, the driver said he would stop at Bøur and we could have 10 minutes……10 minutes was all I needed.  I had spied a lovely little church, but the coach had parked at the top of the village in the car park, and the church was at the far end of the village.  Halfway down the road, the surface became a sheet of ice, I was trying to take photos and stay upright at the same time.  I did, but I never made it to the church itself, the road was just too icy and I still had to get back up, what I had come down.  It was worth every slippery step, to get some close up shots of those grass roofs and that wonderful little church.  

Bøur is a beautiful little village, that could date from 1350, on the west-side of Vágar.  It has a magnificent view over the sea and the rocky islet Tindholmur with its many peaks.  The village has charming old wooden houses and a traditional church from 1865.  Once we were all counted back onto the coach, just incase anyone had decide to stay, we made our way to the airport, as the pitstop in the village had been closed, so we got to look at the airport as well.  So next post, the airport and a wonderful church.



19 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 11 – Bøur Village & Church, Island of Vágar, The Faroes”

  1. What a wonderful view out over the water. That’s a good sized chunk of rock out there. Too bad you couldn’t get closer to that church, but I’m glad you didn’t go sliding down the hill! 🙂

    1. We were lucky to have had a stop there, I would have loved to have seen inside the church, but getting some close up shots was good. I’m sure if I had had time, I could have made it, but rushing and ice is not good 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you, I was just lucky, I was trying so hard not to slip up and also take photos and all the thinking hurry up ha ha 🙂 I was amazed that any came out 🙂

  2. How interesting! …for the grass to grow on house roofs like that they must get rain often. Their buildings are a rugged delight.

    1. I think they are wonderful, I just wondered if they put sheep on them to keep it trim…… or maybe the neighbours rent a sheep between them once a week 🙂

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