Iceland Cruise 12 – Trip to Sørvágur, The Airport & Sandavagur, The Island of Vágar, The Faroe Islands

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After our visit to the village of Bøur, we headed for the airport, passing another interesting church in the large village of Sørvágur.  I would loved to have had a closer look, but being on a coach with a tight schedule it was not possible.  In fact the trip to the airport was a necessity, that we all took part in, and I have to say, there are lovely clean WC’s 🙂

 The church at Sørvágur

The Airport at is one mile from Sørvágur.  Originally it was a small, military base and airport during the WW2.  But since then, it has been the only airport in the Faroe Islands.  You can still see dotted around military buildings and the next photo is one, but for the life of me I can not remember what it was called, maybe someone knows.

The following photos are of views from the airport to Sandavagur, where we will visit the church in the next post.  I want to post the church on its own, for my church categories.  There were some breathtaking views from the coach window and sorry if there are any shadows.  

The next photos are of our arrival in Sandavagur and you can see the church that we will be visiting, and of a yellow and red house that I just love.

March 2018

4 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 12 – Trip to Sørvágur, The Airport & Sandavagur, The Island of Vágar, The Faroe Islands”

  1. I want a red and yellow house! That is a great house. The scenery is certainly striking. Hard to know which way to point your camera. Great shots! The church at Sorvagur looks like it has a good sized graveyard. That would be interesting to explore, also When you come back. 🙂

    1. Thank you Oat, oh I would love to go back, maybe one day. I love that house, only there could you get away with red and yellow 🙂 So many wonderful photo opportunities 🙂

  2. The church in black and white is lovely,then the one with the red roof,also those rustic buildings down by the sea!im so enjoying your travels!

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