Iceland Cruise 14 – Farewell to The Faroes & On To Iceland.

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In a few hours time we will be making our way to Bavaria in Southern Germany, where we will be staying in the beautiful town of Landsberg am Lech.  Hopefully the weather will be great for taking photos, but first, I want to finish our visit to The Faroes, which we stopped at on our Iceland Cruise in March.  We will get to Iceland, but it will now have to wait until we return from Germany.  

On our way back to the ship we returned via some wonderful snow covered mountains.   Well they seemed like mountains, not sure if they were just very big hills, but we were high and it got dark and snowy….but some wonderful views. 

The coach stopped just before we started to descend down into to Tórshavn, so we could take a few photos.  The ship was leaving a 5.00 pm, and looking at the weather in the distance, you can see what we were heading into.



On arriving back to the ship, we had a quick cup of coffee to warm us up before we went up on deck to watch the tugs push us off,  and to say farewell to a beautiful place that we would have like to have explored more.

We were treated to a wonderful sky, as the light faded the sky became pink and then later a wonderful midnight blue.


We then had two days at sea, one very rough, but the second day not too bad.  You know when its going to get bad, you are not allowed on any open decks and they put red & white tape round everything.  In the photos you can see the snow starting to fall, the view though the window is what we saw for the first day. Still never mind, Iceland was getting closer.

March 2018

20 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 14 – Farewell to The Faroes & On To Iceland.”

  1. The sky can be quite beautiful when a storm is coming on. 🙂 Enjoy your trip to Bavaria. May you have nothing but wonderful photo weather!:)

    1. Thank you Pat, I must say I am looking forward to a change for a few days, re charge my batteries…….and to take some lovely German scenery to share 🙂

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