Cable Car & Cranes, Royal Victoria Dock, London

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Mixed weather today in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, sunny and warm mostly during the day, but rain tonight with possible thunder storms, never mind, we had three glorious days,  We visited an island today, which had three wonderful churches and the most amazing lighthouse, which I will post about when we come home.  

The above photos are some that I took when we were staying on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Royal Victoria Dock.  I have posted about our stay there, but forgot to post photos of the view from the hotel.  I love the dock cranes, they look like they are going to start striding across the dock at any moment.  I must admit I have not been on the little cable car or ever will, but I’m sure the view must be amazing.  

4 Replies to “Cable Car & Cranes, Royal Victoria Dock, London”

  1. Glad to hear you had some good weather. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it comes back. Somehow I can’t look at the Thames without marveling at what a huge part it’s played in English history. I love seeing those cranes. San Pedro is a big shipping port in California with all those cranes. Of course that’s not on a river where it’s easier to see. 🙂

    1. We had lovely weather, but have come back to a cold and rainy UK, but never mind it will hopefully warm up again for our holiday to Scotland next week 🙂 I love taking photos of that part of London, as you say so much history on the river Thames. I will look up San Pedro and have a look 🙂

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