Iceland Cruise 17 – 4 x 4 Snow Drive & A Geothermal Power Plant

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We are on holiday in Scotland at moment on our yearly visit, and I was hoping the weather would be a little better than last year……so far, the afternoons have been rain free and sunny, mornings have been a wash out.  We did manage to visit the Isle of Bute, in quite good weather, and photographed a lighthouse from the ferry, but they are for later.  I am trying to finish off our cruise to Iceland, now we have worked out how the mobile WiFi works, hopefully I can do a few posts.    

Anyway back to the visit……After we have been to the black beach, we headed off to find some snow, which we did.  Our driver had to let some air out of his tyres, so he could drive on the snow and ice.  He took us through a river and stopped so we could take some photos of him driving through the water……I think we would have all rather had been with him, but had to take photos instead.  We then went to see a Geothermal Power Plant, I think it was the one at Hellisheidi and provides some of the hot water for Reykjavik’s districts heating.  The weather was still very cold and walking on the ice is an art form, which quite a few people didn’t have, most of us slipped at one point.  I would have liked to have taken more photos of the power plant, but I just didn’t feel that safe to leave the side of the 4 x 4.  After the visit, we were taken back to the ship in Reykjavik and then we decided to catch a bus into the city to explore…….which will follow in the next post.

Iceland Cruise March 2018

8 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 17 – 4 x 4 Snow Drive & A Geothermal Power Plant”

  1. Great photos. You sure found plenty of snow. I’m afraid walking on ice has never been one of my skills either.:)

      1. Ha, ha, that might actually be fun! Especially if everyone was doing it. 🙂

  2. Walking like a penguin….it other words waddle!😂😂 I cant imagine living in a place where it is SO cold.. I be walking like a robot for being froze to death😁 lovely photos though,the 4×4 looks good going though water.

    1. Thank you, ha ha I think I started to become robot like, and I did this morning in Scotland, so cold here, but warmed up this afternoon 🙂

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