Iceland Cruise 21 – Geysir Geothermal Area & Farewell to Iceland

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After a day of rain and wind, tonight we had a wonderful sunset here in Scotland, so hopefully we will get the first non rain day of our holiday tomorrow……fingers crossed.  Back to our Iceland cruise of March 2018, and we have now arrived at the last post for Iceland, which is also the last site on the Golden Circle, the Geysir Geothermal Area.  All I can say is, that when you are that close to a geyser spouting high into the air, its breathtaking.  I did think that there were more, well there are, but they are more bubbling, than spouting. There were two, but The Great Geyser does seem to have stopped erupting, but its neighbour, Strokkur is a powerful hot spring and an impressive sight. It erupts about every 4–8 minutes and spouts water to a height of 15 – 20 m, sometimes up to 40 m.

After spending time watching the gesyer preforming its magic, we then went over to the centre, and had lunch, a very nice soup, rolls and different fish, very Icelandic.  After lunch is was time to return to the ship, as we were leaving four hours early due to bad weather conditions.  Leaving early really didn’t make a different, as the next two days at sea were not pleasant, we had 5 meter waves, and husband didn’t enjoy one minute of it, not even half a minute.   Next stop is the Shetlands, another place I have really wanted to visit, so I was looking forward to ticking it off my to do list.  


8 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 21 – Geysir Geothermal Area & Farewell to Iceland”

  1. This is a great farewell page. The scenery, the horses, the church and the geyser! The KFC was a bit of a surprise. 🙂 Thanks for me along, it was a wonderful trip! Got my fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow in Scotland. 🙂

    1. Well they are a lot of tourist now, although we didn’t hear many americans…. It is a lovely country to visit, just wished we had stayed longer 🙂

  2. A “KFC “ over in Iceland .. who’d of thought of that! Those geyser are amazing,and of course farms are always a point of interest, and the moles that are cheerful… enjoyable post!

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