Iceland Cruise 22 – Lerwick Port, ‘The Drongs’ & Eshaness, Shetland Islands, Scotland

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We have had three days of lovely sunshine on the west coast of Scotland, so at least I got to take some sunny photos.  We have seen a lot of wildlife on this trip, and on Thursday, we are going to the Isle of Rum for a walk with one of the rangers, really looking forward to that trip.  

But I need to first, finish our Iceland trip of March 2018, so on the way back from Iceland, after two very nasty days at sea, we docked in Lerwick the capital of Shetland and the sun came out to greet us.  Shetland is a mosaic of over a hundred islands. This most northerly part of the British Isles is inhabited by around 22,000 people and an abundance of wildlife.  Lerwick is situated on the main island of the group and is known as Mainland.  We only spent a day here, but we went to see a lighthouse at Eshaness and a walk along some spectacular cliffs, plus an afternoon in Lerwick. 

We left the port and made our way to Eshaness, and of course I took photos of the landscape, including liveable and some not so liveable homes.  Unfortunately as we were on a coach, I had to take the photos through the glass, which was not that clean or clear, but I have picked out the best in the way of not being marked too much.  

We stopped at Barewick Cafe for coffee, and what looked like some wonderful shortbread, unfortunately there wasn’t any gluten free shortbread, so I just had to watch husband eat mine as well.  There is a wonderful view of sea stacks which are called …… The Drongs, they are a group of rocks that rise steeply from the sea at the northern end of St Magnus Bay in the north west of mainland Shetland.  They do make a wonderful subject, and I have played around with a few of them.  If you spotted the fairy stone, she was on the grass outside of the cafe, but we left her there, not sure why she was there, but with fairies it’s best to leave them alone.  I also noticed a small cemetery and later found out it was called ‘Cross Kirk Cemetery’ will need to check this one out when we return in couple of years.

We then went on to find the Lighthouse and passed a sea monster, well it did look like one, Dore Holm is a small islet.

We sighted our first Shetland Ponies, they are so small and cute, but this time the coach didn’t stop for us to take photos, so I took some thought the window, a bit point and press, but you can see how they look.  Next post is the lighthouse and walk along the cliffs.


4 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 22 – Lerwick Port, ‘The Drongs’ & Eshaness, Shetland Islands, Scotland”

  1. That’s some rugged country side. Neat.. a graveyard,and a fairy! Those ponies have a coat that tells me that it’s cold there too!

  2. Ponies, rocks, sheep, fairies! Is that a boat in someone’s yard? I don’t know much about the Shetlands, but that looks like a place where one could spend some time. 🙂

    1. It’s a lovely place to visit and we only saw a tiny part. We would like to bring the small motor home we have over next year or the following year and explore some more 🙂

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