Iceland Cruise 24 – Tangwick Haa Museum & Trip Back to Lerwick, The Shetlands

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Iceland cruise March 2018 – On the way back to Lerwick, after our walk along the cliffs, we stopped to look at ‘Tangwick Haa Museum’  This interesting building is full of items from around the Northmavine area, I have added an information sheet if you want to read about it.

One of the items I found interesting was ‘The Gunnister Man’  who was buried 250 and found in 1951.  I have added the information sheet, unfortunately the photo didn’t come too good, but you can still read it.

While on the coach, the tour guide passed around some old black & white photos of knitters on the island.  The ladies knitted non stop, whatever they were doing, they incorporated some knitting.  I just love the photo of the little girl knitting, they started early in those days.

Some views from the coach window on the way back to Lerwick.  Next post will be a visit to Lerwick.  We are still on holiday in Scotland, and so far have had 6 nice days in row, a few more days to go, just hope the weather holds.  



4 Replies to “Iceland Cruise 24 – Tangwick Haa Museum & Trip Back to Lerwick, The Shetlands”

  1. I found the inside of the house very interesting! Now one could come up with a real mystery story on the Gunnister man. The little girl photo is adorable! Of course,those old building are always a winner.😀

    1. Glad you enjoyed the trip, the little girl photo is amazing and to think that they learnt to knit so early. I found the Gunnister man really interesting and its a shame there isn’t anymore information on him. Ha ha I can not resist taking old buildings, taken more on this holiday in Scotland 🙂

  2. Wonderful that they saved that Taa. Too many of the old buildings get bulldozed these days. I agree totally on the photo of the girl and her knitting. I can’t imagine me doing that at that age! 🙂

    1. Yes I really enjoyed visiting the Taa, I love it when they save a building like that, all the history that goes with it. The little girl photo was so sweet and to think she could knit at that age, took me a lot longer 🙂

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